BOV Basketball Players of the Month – March 2018

Gzira Athleta players win all individual awards for March

Gzira Athleta’s Jon Feiler, Amelia Milz Simmons and Alberto Serra won the BOV Basketball Player of the Month awards for the BOV Men’s First division, the Women’s competitions and the BOV Amateur League respectively.  This is the first time since Bank of Valletta started to sponsor the Award that three players from the same Club have placed First in all three categories.

Gzira Athleta forward Jon Feiler won his second individual award of the season, the first during January 2018. The 6’8” former NYIT standout, in his first pro season was the top scorer in his division with 95 points from 3 games (31.67 ppg) with 60% from the field (40 from 67) and 12 from 12 from the free throw line. Jon suffered an average of 4.67 fouls per game and his season rebound average stands at 16.06 per game.

Gzira Athleta’s Amelia Milz Simmons landed her second individual award this season and her sixth BOV Player of the Month title since joining Gzira Athleta three years ago. The 5’11” forward from Wilmington, Detroit landed 133 points in 5 games (26.6ppg) averaging 56% from the field and 65% from the free-throw line. Amelia played all 200 minutes in her team’s games where the attracted 9 fouls per game (45 fouls in 5 games).

Spaniard Albert Serra’s performances for Gzira Athleta in the Amateur League won him his second consecutive award. The big scoring 6’4” forward claimed 132 points in 4 matches (33ppg) with a high 70% in 2 point shots (47 from 67) and landing 6 3-pointers and 20 free-throws from 33 (66%).

Peter Perotti, Chief Officer at Bank of Valletta presented a commemorative plaque to the winners. Bank of Valletta prides itself as a major supporter of sporting initiatives in Malta promoting sporting excellence in a healthy competitive environment.