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At AtoZ Electronics we place great focus on our relationship with our customers as we believe that this helps us better understand our customers’ changing needs and enables us to better meet these needs and serve our customers better. In developing our strategy we are continually seeking customers’ views through informal feedback as well as formal questionnaires. We take great pride in delivering to our customers the specific solution that meets their particular requirement. At AtoZ Electronics we insist that only work of a high calibre is acceptable – our clients must be given only the best service.



Fellini restaurant and cafeteria is the perfect combination
between Italian taste and traditional culture, with a fresh
global touch, situated in the core of Valletta. Every dish is
prepared with mastery by our Italian chef using natural
high quality ingredients. The restaurant serves a variety of
pasta, meat and fish dishes combined with Italian and
Maltese wines.
The owners will welcome you and explain why they named the
restaurant Fellini after the famous Italian film director
who they admire so much. Every meal can be enriched with
a classic Italian espresso at the end of the meal. The
owners are very proud that the regular customers like to
say “the best coffee in town”.
“life is a combination of magic and pasta” F. Fellini



Eurosport is built on the values of Integrity, Value, Sportsmanship, Passion and Discipline – values, which echo throughout our team members. Our brand is a power statement, a belief that winners are not those who cross the line first, but those who cross the finish line because they never give up. We are all about setting our objectives and achieving them, about overcoming any obstacles that are thrown at us and about inspiring our people and our customers so that they can achieve their goals in life. Eurosport – The Power to Be.